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Tips for Guest Rooms

Tips for Bath Vanity



  1. Dirty ceiling tiles next to a ceiling vent can usually be prevented by making sure the vent filter is replaced or cleaned on a regular basis.

  2. Television remote controls must not be bolted down. This defeats the purpose of putting the remote in the room and it's company policy.

  3. Install plastic corner guards in high traffic areas, such as luggage areas, and guest corridors to help eliminate damaged walls.

  4. Sink Polisher: Keep your new or old stainless steel sink shiny and bright with liquid automatic dishwashing detergent. Apply straight from the bottle, rub in with a scouring pad, and rinse.

  5. To extend the life of your maid carts, use an auto body shop to paint them.

  6. WD-40 oil spray will help remove labels off telephones, toilets, and other gummy residue, etc. Spray it on, let it soak in for a short while, then clean it off. Most importantly it will not damage the new soft plastic phones.

  7. To give mirrors a long life span, before installation, coat a 3" to 4" edge on the back with an inexpensive enamel paint or varnish.

  8. For heavy duty deep cleaning, follow written schedules to make sure rooms have been thoroughly cleaned every few months.

  9. Have a preventive maintenance program. Have maintenance go into specific rooms each day and fix everything that needs to be done.

  10. Ask employees for solutions to problems. They are doing the work and many times have the answers.

  11. Let employees make decisions. That is the best way they can learn.

  12. Use auto wax to clean fading exterior guest room doors for that "like new" appearance.

  13. Do you want to REALLY know your property? Then stay overnight occasionally (maybe monthly, in a different section). Bring some paperwork, swimwear, watch TV, take a shower. You'll learn if there is adequate lighting to read comfortably, bad odors, uncomfortable chairs and beds, noisy rooms, noisy HVAC's, inadequate wastebaskets, and on and on. This will allow you to "walk a mile in your guests’ shoes" and get on top of things that irritate guests.

  14. When not busy, rotate room use to keep all rooms freshly cleaned and dusted. Also, only rent every other room to ensure guests maximum quiet and privacy.

  15. Accessibility to electrical outlets is essential. Conveniently located electrical outlets and telephone jacks are appreciated and a necessity.

  16. Maid carts should have scissors on them so that housekeepers can then easily cut strings off carpets, bedspreads, etc.

  17. Tidy up all public areas (including hallways) the first thing each morning, except for vacuuming. Otherwise guests are walking past messy areas until early afternoon. 

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  1. Use pencil erasers to remove spots on walls and wallpaper.

  2. When a wet bed is found, sprinkle it with baking soda to reduce odors.

  3. White wine will remove red wine spots.

  4. Pinch drapery hooks closed around the rod to keep them from coming unhooked.

  5. When you are out of glass cleaner, use vinegar and water to clean mirrors and windows.

  6. Use auto upholstery cleaner to clean fabric on chairs.

  7. Peanut butter usually removes gum from carpet.

  8. Hair spray usually removes ink from fabric.

  9. To remove cigarette burns from oak and other wood furnishings, use "OO" steel wool or a sharp knife to scrape or lightly sand darkened material. Then apply furniture oil.

  10. When purchasing chairs to coordinate with guest room tables, make sure there is ample clearance for the arms to slide under the table. This will eliminate future marred and damaged arms.

  11. Mattress/box springs should be flipped and turned every quarter. In addition, to this turning program, the mattresses in two bedded rooms should be switched from bed to bed in order to alleviate any wear patterns.

  12. To keep pictures which are not hung with security mounts from hanging unevenly, place velcro on the back of the picture and on the wall. The picture will not move again.

  13. To keep credenza drawers or desk drawers from sticking, apply soft wax on the runners. this will lubricate the tracks, for easy movement of the wooden drawers.

  14. Have your maids turn the phone upside down on its cradle. Your housekeeper or inspector will know it has been cleaned and can return it to the proper position. After cleaning mirrors with glass cleaner, use that cloth to clean your phone. Don't leave the phone side up.

  15. To remove water stains from lamp shades, dip them into the swimming pool, remove and let dry. There is just enough chlorine to remove the stain without destroying the shade.

  16. To give brass a protective coat to prevent tarnish, use "Future" floor polish on soft cloth.

  17. To repair that loose vinyl wall covering, warm up first with a hair dryer to make it pliable. This also works on curled vinyl flooring.

  18. Feather dusters are good for dusting pictures and tops of doors, but they are not so good on lamps and shades. A 1 1/2 inch paint brush in the housekeeper's basket will work on the lamps and shades. This is very good, especially on ribbed shades and they can dust the bulb with it too.

  19. Since most spots on carpeting are caused by a sugar-based product (e.g. soft drinks, beer, coffee, etc.), the sugar needs to be dissolved and removed from the carpet fibers. The best product on the market for this is WATER! The "carpet spotter" your staff is using will remover the spot, but will in turn leave its own residue, (detergent) in the fibers, causing carpet to re-soil more rapidly, thus the spot "re-appears". An old wash cloth or hand towel soaked in plain water will remover over 90% of all carpet spots, leaving no residue to accelerate re-soiling in the same area.

  20. Don't use furniture polish or spray wax on laminated tops! Simply use a damp cloth to clean tops.

  21. To touch up damaged dark wood, use a marker pen of the same color. Apply to worn area then wipe with a tissue to blend in.

  22. To remove decals on surfaces that may be harmed by nail polish remover try Vaseline or WD-40 or Goo Gone. Apply, let set and then rub.

  23. Sprinkle dry cement on oil spots in the parking lot. It absorbs the oil quickly and is easy to sweep up

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  1. To polish tubs, (especially the bottoms) try liquid automatic dishwasher soap.

  2. Remove water and rust stains from ceiling paneling by using a bleaching agent like X-14 on panel. Be sure to protect carpet etc. from possible bleach damage.

  3. Use a liquid cleaner in plastic tubs, not an abrasive product.

  4. To remove water or mineral spots from chrome fixtures in bathroom and vanity areas: using a polishing compound for lacquer finish (Dupont #9) rub the affected area until spots disappear; then polish with soft cloth. Caution: Always test products on areas not visible to guests, to determine the results.

  5. Use nylon shower curtains rather than vinyl. Although the initial cost is slightly higher, they're easier to launder and don't get the soap film build-up that vinyl shower curtains do.

  6. When purchasing new toilet seats, purchase a good quality plastic seat, with molded bumpers, this will eliminate problems usually encountered with wooden seats.

  7. Don't forget to clean those out-of-the-way places e.g., behind nightstand and credenzas; grills and A/C units, window and shower door tracks and behind bathroom and entry doors.

  8. When laundering machine washable shower curtains, wash them with some bath mats. The friction between them leaves the shower curtains perfectly clean. Remember not to allow the shower curtains to be put into the dryer or you will usually wind up the wrinkled mess.

  9. For TV doors that are sprung and do not close correctly (when budgets do not permit purchasing parts), use a small piece of velcro on the door and on the inside of the area where the door closes. Velcro can be purchased with a sticky backing and is easily applied.

  10. Lime deposits can be removed from the shower heads by using vinegar or using Lime-A- Way. Fill a plastic bag with enough to cover the shower head when the bag is slipped over it. Tie on the filled bag and leave it overnight. If the property is full every night, get 5 extra shower heads, and remove, clean and rotate each of them.

  11. Hard to remove glue? Glue may be removed by spraying on a little WD-40 or Goo Gone and wiping it off.

  12. If you have small bleach spots on the carpet, go to an arts and crafts store and by some felt tip colored marking pens and touch up the stain with a close color match. You can do the same to camouflage wall coverings.

  13. To keep soap film buildup off bathtub walls: approximately every 3 months wax tile walls with Jubilee and fiberglass walls with a boat fiberglass wax. Water and soap film will bead off, not build up. DO NOT WAX BOTTOMS of showers or tubs.

  14. When removing ceramic tiles, if you wish to salvage the tiles, the mastic adhesive can easily be removed by placing the tiles in a container filled the lacquer thinner. Just cover the tiles, let them stand for approximately 10 minutes, remove tiles, wipe off adhesive and tiles are ready for re-use.

  15. To repair moisture stained ceiling or walls, first clean and repair them. Then paint the area with pigmented shellac. After this is dry, paint the area with the color desired. This process will keep the mildew or stains from reoccurring.

  16. Use #0000 steel wool on slightly tarnished chrome fixtures to restore the bright polished appearance.

  17. To renew vanity tops (some of which are made of Corian or imitation marble) that are showing small scratches and appear to have lost their shiny surface, rub with an auto body rubbing compound or a polishing compound. Rubbing compounds are more abrasive than polishing paste and should be used sparingly. Polishing compound also works very well on chrome fixtures to remove dullness caused by hard water.

  18. Chrome Preservation & Maintenance Hints:

    1. Use no abrasive cleaners-even mildly abrasive ones.

    2. Clean with a liquid soap or cleaner. Some use "Mother's Helper" from Harley Davidson with good results.

    3. Have a water softener.

    4. Remove lime deposits form around faucets and in toilets by soaking with Lime- A-Way or inexpensive vinegar and water mixture (50/50) for 10-15 minutes.

    5. Shiny chrome gives guests the feeling of "clean".

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