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There are many different types, shapes and sizes of hotel rooms. Many hotels have features in their guest rooms that make their rooms unique and require special cleaning procedures and chemicals. However, almost all hotel rooms can be separated into two areas which have basic cleaning procedures. Those two areas are the Bedroom and the Bathroom. It is important for the entire housekeeping team to clean the guestrooms at your hotel the same way each time they go into a room. This will ensure efficiency and safety for the employees as well as the guests. We have separated the basic guest room cleaning procedures into 6 categories. Those categories are, from start to finish:
  • Entering the Guest Room
  • Cleaning Preparation - Remove All Trash & Linen
  • Making the Bed
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Wipe Down & Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Leaving the Guest Room Ready for Inspection

Each step in the guest room cleaning process is further explained below. These procedures are the basic procedures used in a typical hotel guest room. The housekeeping manager at your hotel may want to expand any of these processes further and add more details. Before you start cleaning a guest room you will have received a room assignment sheet, keys and, fully stocked maids cart.

Entering the Guest Room

It is important that you following these steps when entering the guestroom:

  1. Knock twice announcing “housekeeping” after each knock. Do not knock with anything but your hands.
  2. As you open the door announce “housekeeping” one last time. This gives the guest three announcements of who is at the door. If no one is in the room apply your wedge or sandbag to the bottom of the door. If someone is in the guestroom see the next section.
  3. Pull your cart up to the door frame as close as possible. You will do this for the following reasons: blocks intruders from entering the room while you are cleaning, lets guests know you are cleaning the room, allows for easier traffic in the hallway around your cart and, allows easier and quicker access to your supplies.
  4. If necessary record what time you entered the room and began cleaning.
  5. Be sure your keys are secured to your uniform or in your pocket. Your room assignments should be kept in an inconspicuous place on your cart or kept in the guestroom.

If a guest is in the room after you have knocked twice and announced yourself three times:

  1. Apologize and ask the guest if they would like the room cleaned later?
  2. Show the guest where the Do Not Disturb sign (DND) is located in the room so that they are not disturbed again in the future.
  3. Fulfill the guest’s request either coming back later or proceeding with your normal routine. Keep the door and windows open if you stay and clean the room with the guest in the room.
  4. Note on your room assignment sheet if you need to come back later or if the DND was placed on the door.

Cleaning Preparation - Remove All Trash & Linen

The following items should be the first items completed once you enter the room:

  1. Walk around the room turning all of the lights on. Make sure lamp shades are tight and seams are towards the wall
  2. While wearing gloves collect all trash throughout the room and place in the wastebaskets. As you make your way back around to the entrance door, dump the trash from the guest room wastebaskets into your maids cart trash bag.
  3. Remove AC Vents – wipe them off into your maids cart trash bag.
  4. Clean the trash cans inside and out with the appropriate cleaner.
  5. Strip the bed linen: do not place any pillows, blankets or, comforters on the floor.
  6. Strip the bathroom towels.
  7. Spray the bathroom down with disinfectant: Spray the shower walls from one corner, top to bottom, to the opposite corner; spray the tank, seat and, base of the toilet.

Making the Bed

  1. All Sheets should be folded into packs for easy cart stocking and quick access to a full set of bed sheets.
  2. The corners should be squared off.
  3. Pillow cases should not be put on the pillows by placing the pillow under your chin.
  4. King beds should always have three pillows.
  5. Leave edges and bottom of comforters pulled onto the bed for vacuuming.

Cleaning the Bathroom

  1. Start with cleaning the shower walls; start in one corner, top to bottom, and work your way around the entire shower surround. A soft scrub brush should be used on the entire bath and shower surround. Do not use any scrubbing or abrasive material on the chrome handles or tub plug.
  2. Use a soft cloth and blue cleaner on any chrome in the tub.
  3. Clean showerhead; leave the showerhead facing the inside shower wall.
  4. Clean bathtub walls and floor. Be sure to scrub all around the soap dishes.
  5. Remove the tub stopper and clean thoroughly. Remove any hair attached to it.
  6. Rinse the residue off the walls with rinse cups. By scrubbing you will have a residue on the walls and tub that will need to be rinsed.
  7. Dry, by wiping down with dry rag, the entire shower walls and bathtub of the rinsing water.
  8. Wipe down the shower liner. If the liner is stained or has mildew it needs to be replaced.
  9. Clean the toilet; wipe from top to bottom including tank, seat and, base. Use a toothbrush to clean around the hinges of the toilet seat. Use a toilet brush to clean inside the bowl. Flush once you are finished cleaning and leave the seat down.
  10. All chrome pieces in the bathroom should be cleaned with the blue cleaner. These items would include: towel bars / racks, toilet flusher, robe hooks, toilet paper holder, shower handles and shower heads.
  11. Fold the toilet paper into triangles. If roll is ¼ or less it needs to be replaced.
  12. Spray and clean the vanity with pink cleaner. Be sure not to spray the sink fixture with the pink spray. The fixture needs to be cleaned with blue cleaner.
  13. Clean the mirror with blue cleaner. Start in one corner, top to bottom and work your way to the bottom corner.
  14. Fold facial tissue into triangle.
  15. Clean the ice bucket in the sink – Use appropriate chemicals.
  16. Clean the coffee pot in the sink – Use appropriate chemicals.
  17. Wipe down the inside, outside and, cord of the hairdryer – be sure it is plugged in.
  18. Sweep the floor. Start at the farthest point into the bathroom and sweep towards the carpet. Do not sweep debris onto the carpet; sweep debris into a dust pan.
  19. Re-stock all towels and amenities in the bathroom. The towels should look fresh, clean and fluffy. The presentation of both the towels and amenities should be appealing.
  20. Clean bathroom floor and grout; start at the farthest point into the bathroom and work your way out to the carpet. Scrub the tile grout with a soft scrub brush and wipe the tiles down with a soft rag. Be sure to wipe behind the door, under vanity and, behind / around toilet base.
  21. Use adhesive (sticky) roller on tile floor and shower/ tub surround to remove any remaining hairs.

Wipe Down & Dust

  1. Start in a corner of the room with your feather duster and dusting rag. As you walk around the room clockwise dust from top to bottom, wiping down anything that comes in your way. Be sure to move objects and wipe under and behind them. This will ensure the entire room is covered. If you come across electronics turn them on or check to make sure they are working. For instance: TV remote, TV, phone, alarm clock, etc.
  2. Be sure to wipe down the hand set, cord and, base of the phone.
  3. Open all drawers and wipe down the insides and outsides.
  4. All Mirrors need to be cleaned with blue cleaner and soft rag. Start in one corner, top to bottom, and work your way to the bottom corner.
  5. All windows need to be cleaned with blue cleaner and soft rag. Start in one corner, top to bottom, and work your way to the bottom corner.
  6. Wipe down windowsill.
  7. Wipe down top, control panel, sides and, grill of PTAC unit.
  8. The AC needs to be left on low cool around 1:00.
  9. Check under chair cushions and wipe down.
  10. Wipe down lamp shades and bases.
  11. Bundle cords neatly and hide them out of the guests view.
  12. Dust and wipe down top shelve or bars in closet.
  13. Wipe down all light switches and outlets
  14. Wipe down both sides of door and door handles, check view finder, be sure the door closes from the half way point. Check deadbolt and secondary lock and wipe them down. Check for fire evacuation signage.
  15. Make sure all collateral in the room is crisp and fresh. If any pieces are stained or damaged they must be replaced.


  1. Start from the farthest point in the room, working your way back to the entrance of the room with a broom, edging all of the carpet.
  2. Then start from the farthest point in the room again, working your way back to the entrance of the room by vacuuming. Do not vacuum over the cord.
  3. Move objects such as chairs, waste baskets and, lamps to vacuum underneath them. Do not vacuum around items.
  4. Vacuum behind doors that are open.

Leaving the Guestroom Ready for Inspection

  1. As you are finishing cleaning the room you need to leave the guest room ready for inspection. All guest rooms are inspected and you should be prepared to return for correction if things are not done accurately.
  2. All lights should be left turned on. Shades need to be positioned so seams are hidden.
  3. All electronics need to be left turned on. This would include: TV and clock radio. The alarm on the clock radio needs to be turned off. Be sure the TV remote works.
  4. All drawers need to be left open.
  5. All bed comforter edges need to be flipped up.
  6. All Balcony Doors and windows need to be locked.
  7. The last thing you should do is check the room one last time. Step back and take an overview shot of the room to see if anything looks out of place or is missing.
  8. If necessary record the time you finished cleaning the room on your room assignment sheet.

Additional Tips & Reminders

You may be required to vacuum the carpet immediately outside of each guest room you clean. If you work at an exterior corridor property you may be required to sweep the balcony immediately outside the guest room.

Many hotels have private balconies off of guest rooms that require cleaning. This may fall under room attendant responsibilities.

Other common items in hotel rooms that need to be cleaned: microwave, refrigerator, dishes, sofa beds etc.

As you are cleaning rooms your cart will fill up with trash and dirty laundry. You may also run low on amenities and clean linen. It is important that your housekeeping department have a procedure in place so that you do not have to stop cleaning to run and empty your cart of dirty linen and trash or run and get fresh supplies. All of your time should be spent cleaning guest rooms. You need to work efficiently to achieve your target time. (See Room Assignments SOP).

At the end of the day maid’s carts and caddies are fully stocked and stored for the next day. This responsibility may be for the room attendants at your hotel.

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