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Overtime expenses can easily creep up on us and if not watched, can get out of control. Overtime is usually the result of poor planning and lack of foresight. Like any other failure to pay attention to details, there is a penalty. In the case of overtime, it is paying 50% extra for the work of a tired and somewhat frustrated employee. While we hope that every effort will be made by all to prevent over time, we recognize that sometimes it can't be avoided. The overtime request form is designed for use by any supervisor to request overtime. If a hotel GM is requesting the overtime, he or she must still complete the form, initial it and present it for signature the next time his Supervisor is at the hotel or send it to AHMC if time is of the essence. After use, overtime forms should be permanently filed by pay period and kept with the payroll reporting information for that pay period. Forms must be completed and signed prior to the overtime being scheduled and/or worked.

Click here for Request For Overtime Form

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