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The Personnel File Checklist must be included in every employee's personnel file. Each item on this form must be initialed and dated by the responsible supervisor or manager. Initialing and dating the item indicates either that a form was properly completed and can be found within the file, that required searches were undertaken and the documentation can be found within the file, or that certain material or information was reviewed with the employee and that the employee understood the material or information.

It is crucial that this form be maintained throughout the employee's tenure with the hotel in order to ensure that we have consistency in the paperwork on file for all employees and consistency in orientation.  It is especially crucial that these items not be initialed and dated without actually occurring.  Forms such as these can be used as evidence in legal proceedings and if items are designated as having been completed without actually occurring, you expose the hotel and yourself to possible liability.

Click here to download Personnel File Checklist form

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